We Truly Believe in Giving Back to Our Communities

As so many other success stories, our GiveBack team started during a late night in a NOLA bar called Rusty Nail over some drinks. A group of employees were talking about making a difference and truly giving back to our community and people in need. As the drinks kept coming the idea of a "charity committee" was slowly taking form. This committee has now turned into our GiveBack team which has organized many events to benefit a variety of organizations across the nation. 

Verdad and Vertical has always been extremely generous in supporting charities, communities, and people in need. However, GiveBack has taken our engagement to the next level by focusing on the team effort and time commitment. As a team and family we have organized events across all three offices and both Verdad and Vertical teams. We are so proud of what this bar conversation has turned into and can't wait to see it grow even more.


Great things are coming!

December 2018: Verdad & Vertical Christmas Toy Drive
Ongoing: Pop your Tabs in support of the Ronald McDonald House in Ft. Worth




These are just a small selection of organizations we have contributed to throughout the years. If you are interested in partnering with us on a charitable cause please feel free to contact us.